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the mountains call us.

.... a place for those who are on, or have completed their quest

Adirondack Forty-Sixers
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Half way up the trail to Phelps, Shaun said "you know Chels, the one thing I haven't found a community on lj for is 46rs" I kinda gasped out an "oh?" (because i was to out of breath to speak much... mountain climbing is hard for those of us who are as out of shape as i am). And thus our little community was born!

This is a place for those who have ethier completed their 46 or are aspiring cimbers, even if you are just curious feel free to join. This is a place where questions can be answered, hikes can be planned and friends can be made.

There is not much I like doing less than imposing rules upon people, so I am going to hold off for a while on doing that. Please be respectful of other members.

Lastly may I remind you that this community is UNDER CONSTRUCTION, we are working on it in our spare time (and there's not much of that)

posting access will be granted once you join. so come on, introduce yourself, post some pics, have fun!